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Guinness World Records New Category Consciousness and Gravity

Photo Source - By Miroslaw magola (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Weblink -
Name - Alexander Eben
Profession - Neurosurgeon & Writer
From - USA
Claims - There is life after death
Again claims - Brains store memory is not true. Consciousness is biological - he does not agree

Bhagvad Gita States
"When a soul leaves the body, it takes mind & senses with itself" - Lord Krishna

Lord Dattatreya states in Srimad Bhagvat
"Senses are contained in sense organs" This means senses, mind, intelligence are not biological. They are part of soul. And can be carried in next birth or life after death in few cases. Ian Stevenson's REINCARNATION Research clears that those died cruelly and untimely remembers their past life memories. So we can conclude that if the end of life happens by a very extreme experience, there are large possibilities of remembering those memories with realistic intensities in this life.

Some hypnotising doctor hypnotises you and send you to your past. But sometimes they send you to past birth. There also you can remember memories. But this is due to artifical efforts, NOT natural efforts. Under both case, our past life memories are present in our minds under all conditions, whether we remember them or not remember them. Eg. Pamela Anderson case (this is just one case, there are many in real, lots are unrecorded.)

After reading the weblink above, it will be clear, what is Truth

Type of Evidence - Not so strong.
Usually Loud voices are considered as Truth
And small voices as Untruth
Here the critics are looking as opposing loudly, however Mr. Alexander continues his efforts of awakening the sleeping humanity towards the light of spirituality.

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